The Four Kingdoms – chapter 4

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Plongez dans le final de cette histoire fantastique…

‘The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.’


The next time I wake up, the house around me is dark and silent. Light from a pale moon trickles in through the single window, showing me I am alone. I push the smooth covers back and sit up. This eery silence makes me shiver… Finally, I decide to stand up and walk to the window. There, all is dark too. No-one in sight, no movements. Except- my eyes widen and I try looking closer. Is that someone walking in the distance? As quickly as it came, the person is gone. Strangely, it makes me curious. I want to go outside and explore a bit, to learn more about this world I have fallen into. So, grabbing the woolen jumper by the side of the bed (I think it was meant for me), I leave the room silently. The wooden floorboards under me creak every now and then despite my efforts, but since there is no movements I suppose that no-one heard me. Having no idea which way to go, I first climb down the stairs, then to the left. Lucky guess probably, because I end up in front of an impressive wooden door. Taking a deep breath, I push down on the handle, which luckily opens the door with no problem, and step outside.

The air is cool on my cheeks, and I am glad for the warm jumper around my shoulders. Silently, I close the door behind me and start walking to the right, for no particular reason. Earth and leaves crunch under my feet, but other than that, there are no sounds. Only now do I realize it might have been pretty stupid of me to go out now. Alone, at night, in a country at war, where people think it’s normal to have cat ears! I huff quietly. Then- there, a noise. My heart starting to race, I whirl around. Who was that? Or… What? On the wall of a house, I see a shadow starting to come my way. It’s someone… How do I know it’s a good person? Eyes wide, I shrink against the wall. The shadow looks big, scary, and on their shoulder I can see a long blade. I gulp.

The person walks out from behind the wall and I am frozen in shock. What I first thought was a serial killer of some sort seems like… A child! From what I can see, he is short, thin, and has unruly black hair. On his shoulder he carries a long, gleaming scythe. « I knew the Terra kingdom had some pretty ladies, but you- you are out of the norms! » I spot a flashing grin of white teeth. Speaking of teeth, my are well in view due to my open mouth. « I- » The boy walks closer. « sorry, forgot to introduce myself. Kyran, sixth reaper, at your service! » he bows mockingly, wide grin still on his face. Still in shock, but relieved, I nod. « Dea, umm, normal girl… » Kyran, if possible, grins even wider. « Very pleased to meet you! » Without me even realizing it, he had come even closer, and I’m startled when he suddenly grabs my hand. « you don’t look as if you really know your way around. How about I show you the town a bit? » he asks. But I wasn’t going to let him have his way with me! I rip my hand from his and step away. « please leave me alone, I know very well where I am going. » I snap, glaring at him. Kyran steps away, wide puppy eyes looking up at me. « I just wanted to show you around a bit… You know, spend some time together. » and he says it with such a sweet and sad voice I have trouble thinking he could do any harm to me. But you never know… « No, n-not now. » I repeat with a voice slightly less firm than before. « How about tomorrow, during the day? » I can’t help but propose. Kyran lights up. « that’d be great! » he smiles. I sigh inwardly. Tomorrow, I will not leave the house- and hopefully he’ll forget about this.

« Now, if you please, I’d like to go home. » I say. Kyran smiles. « of course milady! And I shall have the honor of escorting you. » I facepalm- inwardly. Of course he wants to come… Knowing I can’t really do much about it, I nod and start walking. All happy, Kyran follows, half jumping and running around. He never stops chatting. « you know, my favorite place in this town is the square, because of the fountain, it’s really beautiful! Not as much as you though. Nothing can be as beautiful as y- » « stop. Please. » I snap, getting embarrassed. « stop what? By the way, did you know that I have six brothers? Only one is younger than me, it’s really annoying. My oldest brother is really scary but I still like him, and… » it goes on and on. Blocking him out, I concentrate on the way back and it is a real relief when I spot the big wooden door. « I’m home now Kyran. » I say, hoping he’ll leave. Devils of devils, he doesn’t. « morning isn’t too far off, I’ll wait here! » after closing my eyes for a second, out of annoyance, I nod. « alright then. Good night. » without another word or glance at him, I go back inside, up to my room and on my bed, where I fall asleep instantly, exhausted.

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